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QNX 6.6 has been released. There are quite a lot of changes, but - sady - I doubt many of us work with QNX itself. It's quite popular in the embedded world, and, of course forms the foundation for BB10 - which has not exactly been a stellar success. Anywho, there's a pretty big change in 6.6:

The new Screen Graphics Subsystem replaces the Photon microGUI, including PhAB, Phindows, and QNX Neutrino Advanced Graphics. Usually referred to simply as "Screen", the Screen Graphics Subsystem allows off-screen rendering and can composite graphics from different rendering technologies, including HTML5, Elektrobit GUIDE, Crank Storyboard, Qt, and native (e.g., OpenGL ES) code.

Photon has been such a core part of QNX' identity for me that it's kind of weird to see it go.

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It is interesting that Thom felt the need to throw in that BB10 "has not exactly been a stellar success". That may be true but BlackBerry still has 3x the market share of Windows Phone (which Thom likes).

Well, BlackBerry "classic" and BB10 don't seem to be split out in that chart, so we really don't know how well BB10 doing. But "not exactly a stellar success" is a pretty soft way of saying "scrabbling over the 11% of the market left over from Android and Apple." Also, Thom may LIKE Windows Phone, but he has never claimed that it was a stellar success. Likewise his praise of Jolla has included statements that point out the difficulty Sailfish will have in the market.

You want an example of trolling BB users? Try this: BlackBerry will cease to exist before the end of 2014. Due to it's reliance on QNX -- which will survive -- BB10 will never be able to go open source, so it will die more thoroughly than WebOS, PalmOS, and BeOS. (Hey, didn't Palm take BeOS down with them?)

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