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QNX 6.6 has been released. There are quite a lot of changes, but - sady - I doubt many of us work with QNX itself. It's quite popular in the embedded world, and, of course forms the foundation for BB10 - which has not exactly been a stellar success. Anywho, there's a pretty big change in 6.6:

The new Screen Graphics Subsystem replaces the Photon microGUI, including PhAB, Phindows, and QNX Neutrino Advanced Graphics. Usually referred to simply as "Screen", the Screen Graphics Subsystem allows off-screen rendering and can composite graphics from different rendering technologies, including HTML5, Elektrobit GUIDE, Crank Storyboard, Qt, and native (e.g., OpenGL ES) code.

Photon has been such a core part of QNX' identity for me that it's kind of weird to see it go.

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End of an era
by ingraham on Thu 13th Mar 2014 03:13 UTC
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My company started using QNX 4.22 in 1995; we were using Photon 1.0 Beta. I didn't join until 1997. Photon was much more stable by then. I oversaw the transition from QNX4 to QNX6... and the move away from our PC-based system to a PLC-base. Killing Photon is rough; we'd have to redo quite a bit of work to move an existing system on to a new framework. Killing self-hosted developments absolutely ends QNX's singular advantage over all other commercial RTOSes. At this point, it would actually be EASIER to port our software from QNX 6.3.2 to some variant of Linux rather than 6.6.

Still, I understand. They're going where the market takes them, which is a good thing from a business perspective. I wish them well, even as my involvement with QNX dwindles away.

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