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QNX 6.6 has been released. There are quite a lot of changes, but - sady - I doubt many of us work with QNX itself. It's quite popular in the embedded world, and, of course forms the foundation for BB10 - which has not exactly been a stellar success. Anywho, there's a pretty big change in 6.6:

The new Screen Graphics Subsystem replaces the Photon microGUI, including PhAB, Phindows, and QNX Neutrino Advanced Graphics. Usually referred to simply as "Screen", the Screen Graphics Subsystem allows off-screen rendering and can composite graphics from different rendering technologies, including HTML5, Elektrobit GUIDE, Crank Storyboard, Qt, and native (e.g., OpenGL ES) code.

Photon has been such a core part of QNX' identity for me that it's kind of weird to see it go.

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RE[2]: End of an era
by ingraham on Thu 13th Mar 2014 22:50 UTC in reply to "RE: End of an era"
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2006-05-20 is strange that marketing did not ask for a ".0" number ... i.e. going to 7.0 rather than just 6.6.

Well, it would have to be 8, as odd numbers are reserved for internal development. Point well taken, however. I imagine the reasoning had to do with the microkernel itself; since the major core components didn't really change, they still think of it as the same "OS." You're right that from a marketing perspective jumping to 8 would have a lot of advantages, not least of which is that they've been on 6.x for well over a decade.

Photon... may not be aging well technically

I'm sure you're right. Especially with the difficulty of upkeep with the rapid pace of change in graphics.

Dropping self-hosting may reflect the reality of software development at this time - via a virtual machine running as a guest on a Linux or Windows host.

Yes, but having your dev tools on your target gave you an awesome advantage.

Also dropped is the self-booting CD/DVD distribution - so it will be even harder to give it a try - like it was possible with the QNX Demo Floppy!


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