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The big story over the weekend.

The exit of engineer Julie Ann Horvath from programming network GitHub has sparked yet another conversation concerning women in technology and startups. Her claims that she faced a sexist internal culture at GitHub came as a surprise to some, given her former defense of the startup and her internal work at the company to promote women in technology.

GitHub's response:

We know we have to take action and have begun a full investigation. While that’s ongoing, and effective immediately, the relevant founder has been put on leave, as has the referenced GitHub engineer. The founder’s wife discussed in the media reports has never had hiring or firing power at GitHub and will no longer be permitted in the office.

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Gender (in)difference
by Gestahlt on Mon 17th Mar 2014 20:37 UTC
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Well, i got also female co-workers and i kinda hate it.

I dont hate them but i hate it how they think they were treaded badly when they are treaded equal.

When business is on fire and we got loads of work to do and lot of people yell at each other and you can basically smell the nerdy testosterone (IT is still a more male populated sector). When a guy whines about his task the most likely answer he gets is: "Shut the fuck up and get your ass to work." and that works most of the time. No hard feelings. If the girls get yelled at or are ordered to perform their tasks (And they get it told nicely) they feel mistreaded and whine a whole week how evil everyone is.

Same when there is less work and we guys goof around. The girls are easily offended.. for NOTHING.

We do expect people to do their job professionally. I dont care if the task is done by a black disabled women with asian and russian parents as long the job is done in a timely and accurate way. Nor will i diffame her in any way because i simply dont give a shit.

But i do get the impression that many women think the job is a pony farm and being treaded equal (With the same respect and paycheck as an equal qualified male worker) means some guy holds the umbrella when shit hits the fan.

Of curse then again there are exceptions, but this is what i see daily for most part of it.

I wonder what horrors must a male worker in a womens domain suffer...

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