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Jolla has released its latest big update for Sailfish today, the fourth big update since the first release early December. It's got a whole boatload of improvements and fixes - the most important of which, to me at least, are two-way Google Calendar sync and landscape mode for email, messages, and notes. I'm also hoping for actually working sync for Gmail (read my review for more on that). Other improvements include lots of UI fixes, lots of new settings for the camera, improved Exchange ActiveSync support, and lots more.

The update is rolling out to all Jolla phones as we speak.

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Solid update
by flypig on Tue 18th Mar 2014 10:22 UTC
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I've been running the new update version now for nearly 12 hours (so consider myself an expert on it!) and everything seems to be working well. For me the update didn't bring much major new functionality, but I'm still stumbling across minor improvements all over the place (cleaner graphics, improved landscape support, etc.).

I was particularly surprised the configuration options from the WiFi tethering application I had installed were transferred automatically over to the new integrated version.

So, it seems like good work from Jolla; if they can maintain this level of support it'll be impressive.

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