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The big story over the weekend.

The exit of engineer Julie Ann Horvath from programming network GitHub has sparked yet another conversation concerning women in technology and startups. Her claims that she faced a sexist internal culture at GitHub came as a surprise to some, given her former defense of the startup and her internal work at the company to promote women in technology.

GitHub's response:

We know we have to take action and have begun a full investigation. While that’s ongoing, and effective immediately, the relevant founder has been put on leave, as has the referenced GitHub engineer. The founder’s wife discussed in the media reports has never had hiring or firing power at GitHub and will no longer be permitted in the office.

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RE: A fine example...
by Kochise on Wed 19th Mar 2014 10:36 UTC in reply to "A fine example..."
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Hello jal_, regarding our past conversation ( ) regarding misogynist behaviors, I searched the web for more occurrence. While I sure do sound "miso", I've been raised by my mostly feminist mother in between my two older and younger sisters.

I found this :

There is obviously several other examples, compulsory of the 4chan attitude that I condemn.

I'd like to add this :

It is said, amongst men, that "a hole is a hole, a dick has no eye" to say that even an ugly woman can be served to men. This! is a sexist joke, far beyon the "dongle" comment that infuriated Aria. To this the guys would have deserved the ban, but not with a silly dongle joke. There is a level of measure to be taken, and the red button is not one of them.

Aria was not threatened the way Anita Sarkeesian was.

So, that leads to what I wanted to explore with you. As a coder, I had to work with coder... girls, that were even better at coding logic than I was. I had them in great respect, relating to them as very competent colleague, sexually unrelated. They were very few, but very efficient. They can only work with smart people that elude the sexual tension and recognize them as coworkers.

Unfortunately, it's not a common conception, and men overall prefer to follow the Christian stereotype to put the woman at raising kids and cooking the meals. If I recall correctly, at school the top level students were mostly girls, so that's maybe a hint. Keeping women at house is perhaps a subconscious strategy to avoid to face competent and effective female coworkers that might put them to shame.

Now the conclusion : like it is said that "penis has no eye", it is also said that "money has no odor". The final consumer is unaware if the product was conceived, produced, manufactured and sold by men, women or even kids (Nike shoes). Soooooo...

What if a company is settled up entirely from female workers and coworkers, create so much successful products that put to shame the (male based) competition ? That would be a significant proof.

It reminds me a bit the way some firms are rotten with unions. I'm not against unions, I'm unionized myself, but some unions or unionized workers are beyond logic and/or reasonable : they want everything for nothing (French plague). When an union works for the comfort of the workers without causing trouble to the firm, that's cooperative work, and Chuck Norris approves that.

So, maybe to make laws to favor some undeserved positions to women, I just say : STOP ! If a woman is more competent than a man at the same position, the logic would be to chose the woman, isn't it ? True, reality ain't always drove by logic.

Women should take a realistic stance instead to try to occupy positions amongst men. Beside irritating everyone with their (often valid) claims they should just play with the (tricky) system and just show they have... balls, if not favor female positions in their company, since there is no law to specifically favor mens.

That's my two euro cents.


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