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Stuff such as United's new offering generally arrives on Android sooner or later, and there are whole categories of apps - such as alternative keyboards - that are Android-only.

Much of the time, I'm an Android user myself, so I'm happy when something is available for Google's operating system and sorry when it isn't. But despite the fact that iOS's market share is much smaller than that of Android, and has been for years, Apple devices are still nearly always first in line when a major company or hot startup has to decide where to allocate its development resources. That's a dynamic that pundits keep telling us makes no sense - but it's happening, and its an enormous competitive advantage for Apple. 'Sounds like a victory to me.

iOS has won the application wars.

Sure, you have to disregard those gazilion Android applications iOS could never support (keyboards, launchers, SMS applications, browsers, task switchers, lock screens, etc., and so on, and so forth), but if you do that, then yes, iOS has won.

The tortoise is faster than the hare. Sure, you have to cut off the hare's legs first, but then, sure, yeah, the tortoise is faster.

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what are the iOS-only killer apps?
by moxfyre on Wed 19th Mar 2014 19:31 UTC
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I'm a happy Android user and have kept my distance from all Apple products for a long tone, so maybe in out of the loop but...

What are the iOS exclusives that Android doesn't have? I've never heard of an app that interested me, gone looking for it, and found it was iOS-only. The only examples I've even heard of are early versions of various social media apps.

I can think of plenty of Android exclusive killer apps, with Google Maps Navigation being the longest standing one, and Swype and now Android's built-in gesture keyboard as another.

While helping my mom set up her iPad, I found that most decent iPhone apps are "freemium" paid apps and that many of my favorite open source apps (eg AntennaPod pod caster or FeedEx reader) don't exist for iOS.

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