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Early last year, Oppo was (one of?) the first company to ship a phone with a full HD display, on its Find 5. I bought one, and it became one of my favourite smartphones - a small Chinese company building phones with top-notch build quality, high-end (at the time) specifications, packaged in a distinctive and minimalist design.

A new year, and a new barrier to break - Oppo announced the successor to the Find 5 today. They call it the Find 7, and it ups the display game to crazy levels: it packs a 5.5" 2560x1440 (!) display, the first of its kind on a phone (again, it could be one of the first). I honestly have no idea if it makes any sense whatsoever to have such a crazy display on a phone. Will it really make a noticeable difference over current full HD displays? I doubt it.

It further boasts a 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB RAM, and a 3000mAh battery. There's also a Find 7 'lite', which has a more traditional 1080p display, a slightly slower processor, and 2GB RAM. Unlike the Find 5, the Find 7 has a two features which I know will appeal to many OSNews readers: a removable battery and an SD card slot. Both of these features were added after requests from users.

Design-wise, the Find 7 loses some of the straightforward simplicity that I like so much about the Find 5; the phone is busier and messier, and the version with the crazy display has this fake carbon weave on the back that crosses into Samsung-tacky territory. The fancy elongated notification LED at the bottom is a nice touch, though.

All in all, the Find 7 is yet another noteworthy product from a Chinese manufacturer, and further proof of my conviction: Samsung, HTC, and other established players should be worried. I don't think Apple will care much, but Android manufacturers should take note.

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Although the Apple haters are loathe to admit it, the iPhone is a much more impressive bit of engineering. Making an extremely compact smartphone with great performance and battery life is much harder than buying a monster-big screen and using the massive amounts of room behind it for the phone's battery and electronics.

I don't know why this got downvoted. But I know why facebook and gawker don't have a "downvote" button: to prevent the neckbeard patrol from downvoting to oblivion posts that violate their religion.

At first I thought facebook not having a downvote was a bad thing, but seeing how every post that contains the slightest opinion gets downvoted by the patrol units (fanboi patrol and neckbeard patrol, mostly the neckbeard patrol), it's probably a good thing on a second thought.

In practice, forums/comments with a downvote (like osnews) are full of BS "neutral" opinion-less posts, as not to offend any patrol.

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