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I spend a fair amount of time working with legacy operating systems. Apart from being obsolete themselves they suffer from a common problem - the web browsers are simply unusable on a present day Internet. You start by getting JavaScript error on and it only gets worse once you go further. Try going to with IE 1.5 or with the last version of Voyager. This just doesn't work. With rapid progression of web standards, the situation will only be getting worse in time. Something had to be done.

This is some really cool stuff.

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what a great article for this site
by Jondice on Sun 23rd Mar 2014 19:27 UTC
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This is possibly the greatest boon to OS hobbyists in quite a while, and it is amazing that the solution is relatively simple.

To clarify, not only is this great for old operating systems, but also for any operating system that doesn't suppose modern Firefox + Chrome, or as is typically the case, either of them.

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