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Some financial services companies are looking to migrate their ATM fleets from Windows to Linux in a bid to have better control over hardware and software upgrade cycles.

Pushing them in that direction apparently is Microsoft's decision to end support for Windows XP on April 8, said David Tente, executive director, USA, of the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA).

"There is some heartburn in the industry" over Microsoft's end-of-support decision, Tente said.

Say what you want about Microsoft, but when it comes to clear and well-communicated support cycles, they belong at the very top. This is the ATMIA's own fault for not properly getting ready for the future even though XP's EOL has been known years and years in advance, and has even been extended a few times.

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RE[4]: Fault?
by saso on Mon 24th Mar 2014 23:49 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Fault?"
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Yeah sure, because chip and pin has never been proved insecure.

Read what I wrote again. Then respond to that. I did not claim chip & pin is impervious to all attacks.

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