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Benchmarks "Ok, that headline may be a bit overblown - but Microsoft Research has released part of a report on the Singularity kernel they've been working on as part of their planned shift to network computing. The report includes some performance comparisons that show Singularity beating everything else on a 1.8Ghz AMD Athlon-based machine. What's noteworthy about it is that Microsoft compared Singularity to FreeBSD and Linux as well as Windows/XP - and almost every result shows Windows losing to the two Unix variants."
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by DonQ on Wed 9th Nov 2005 21:22 UTC
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Honestly said, this is one of the very few times, when I ask (rethorically...) - why is such "article" linked to OSNews? No information, not even good trolling ;)

Some days ago I read papers about Singularity, about its concepts, realization and benchmarks. MS people didn't benchmark different OSes, they just estimated Singularity's concept possible performance. Differently from MS marketing their R&D people seem have much more open mind and unbiased attitude towards various OSes - their papers are usually good read.

Obviously they choose for comparison just some widely used information exchange channels (and operations) in different OSes and found that Singualrity's experimental code performs roughly same as other choices - what proved their concept is viable. Will such OS ever created [by MS] - nobody knows, but concept is good (and yes, I know that this is not MS invention, what doesn't decrease its value in any way).

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