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In early March, 2007, as Google was expanding fast and furiously, one of its recruiters from the " Engineering" group made a career-ending mistake: She cold-contacted an Apple engineer by email, violating the secret and illegal non-solicitation compact that her boss, Eric Schmidt, had agreed with Apple's Steve Jobs.

What happened next is just one of many specific examples of how people's lives were impacted by the Techtopus wage-theft cartel that was taken down by the Department of Justice antitrust division, and is currently being litigated in a landmark class action lawsuit.

This story sent shivers down my spine. What a bunch of horrible, unethical scumbags. Sadly, their criminal behaviour won't really have any meaningful consequences. These people reside above the law.

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by hackus on Wed 26th Mar 2014 19:03 UTC
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Look at the news lately?

Why is this evening news or surprising?

There are simply no ethics at all any more, whether it be Academics (which I have my direct own experience with scumbags), Industry as is pointed out here.

Finally, what I call the secret CABAL, which is really no secret: Bankers basically run Western civilization and are driving it into the ground.

The future is a very very bleak one my friend.

Be prepared: Don't go to work everyday and come home and plop yourself in front of the T.V.

It is a very bad time in history to be unaware of what this CABAL is doing.

Very bad time in history, I just hope to hell some semblence of humanity is left when it is all said and done.

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