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Notch was working with the Oculus team to bring Minecraft to the Rift - and then the Facebook news hit. He immediately cancelled the project.

I definitely want to be a part of VR, but I will not work with Facebook. Their motives are too unclear and shifting, and they haven’t historically been a stable platform. There’s nothing about their history that makes me trust them, and that makes them seem creepy to me.

And I did not chip in ten grand to seed a first investment round to build value for a Facebook acquisition.

It seems like Notch sums up the general response to Facebook acquiring Oculus pretty well.

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by Treza on Thu 27th Mar 2014 02:08 UTC
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Beyond small displays and motion/position sensors, there is the actual image rendering and algorithms to compensate and anticipate head movement while displaying animated 3D images.

(For example, a GPU could render an image larger than the screen and do 2D shifts/rotates for very short latency image corrections. I don't know wether that idea is crazy, but it seems more effective than generating 3D images with insane latency. Maybe a 3D driver could be optimised for short latency tweaks in the middle of the 3D pipeline.)

What is missing is firms making 3D gear suitable for those displays : Mainly nVidia, AMD and Intel.

I am surprised there is so little involvement on that side. I wonder if they will want to help 'f' or, instead, try to market the stuff themselves, for example nVidia sells 3D glasses.

I am hoping (without illusions) that there will be some standardisation...

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