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Major new features for this release include a significant update to the experience for finding and installing applications, as well as major facelifts for the Videos and gedit applications. Those who have high resolution displays will benefit from greater support, and users will experience better start up times as well as more efficient resource usage. They will also be able to quickly organize their applications with the new application folders feature.

I remember a time when GNOME and KDE releases were big deals here. Feels like eons ago, a distant memory from an irrelevant past.

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by hussam on Thu 27th Mar 2014 05:21 UTC in reply to "Comment by Drumhellar"
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That's not entirely true in KDE's case. KDE4 started with (almost typed kwith) nepomuk built into kdelibs, created an extra nepomuk-core package (nepomuk2) and now added baloo as a replacement for both (nepomuk1 and 2 will be removed in KF5).
Many plasma applets were rewritten in QML during the kde4 releases.
We won't see any stability in KDE development till we hit KF5.

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