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HTC has released the new HTC One, the updated version of the last year's best Android phone nobody bought. The Verge already has its review up, and its conclusion is exactly as you expect.

There are a lot of great Android phones on the market right now, but two stand out: the Nexus 5 and the new HTC One. The Nexus 5 is Google's purest vision for Android, the One the platform's most mature and developed form. I desperately wish it took better pictures, and I'm reluctant to buy or recommend it until it does, but I like absolutely everything else. It's fast, long-lasting, does everything a phone should, and does it all with totally unparalleled class and style. From motion gestures to the Dot View case, it has genuinely new, genuinely useful features.

It may not outsell Samsung and the relentless marketing sure to follow the feature-rich Galaxy S5, but HTC executives say they don't care. They say they just want to build a phone for people who like nice things.

It's really hard to argue with that quality feel that last year's One had, and which this year's model improves. I think it's pretty much the only Android phone that can measure up to the iPhone in this department - and now, it also has an SD card slot.

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RE[4]: Not a bad review, except
by devnet on Thu 27th Mar 2014 14:00 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Not a bad review, except"
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The only thing anyone could consider subpar about the HTC One camera the megapixel specifications...but most tech guys/gals know that megapixels don't matter...we're not snapping photos with our phones to print movie posters with.

Other than that, being able to focus pictures AFTER you've taken them, being able to make animated clips/remove entire people/things out of shots, having the best burst shot mode on a camera (less shutter lag than competitors), shooting 1080p video at a higher fps than competitors, and sharing your pics/vids in 3 taps IS something a flagship device should have...most don't.

Really, people need to stop looking at megapixels and thinking "oh, it's only 5 so it sucks". I mean, people thinking this should go buy the 40 megapixel lumia and they can zoom in on their shots over and over til their hearts content. I'm cool with having a crapton of other features that make my shots always come out right no matter what environment I'm taking them in.

Lastly, I can tell you this. Only the iPhone and the HTC One take amazing photos in lowlight situations. I can't tell you how many times my 1st generation HTC One saved my photo in low light while all my pals couldn't get the shot (this includes outside and inside shots). I didn't have to do anything for this to work...and to me, not having to care whether I have low light or not makes the HTC One camera head and shoulders above the rest.

My point is that the HTC One camera may not have the megapixels that marketing people have made everyone think a device needs to be top of the line...but it more than makes up for it in feature, ease of use and turnkey ability.

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