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We know you've been wanting it, and starting today, you can download Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPad from the App Store. The apps have the robust capabilities and familiar look and feel that is unmistakably Office, while offering a fantastic touch experience built from the ground up for iPad. With the free versions of the apps, you can read your Word documents, view your Excel data and present with PowerPoint. Your documents will look as good as they do on your PC and MacĀ®, and better than ever on your iPad. With an Office 365 subscription, you can edit and create new documents with the iPad.

It looks pretty good, and as a heavy Office users, I can't wait until this hits Android tablets. On a related note: Office for phones (both iOS and Android) has gone completely free.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that iOS got touch Office before Windows. I feel like I'm in the twilight zone.

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what does it all mean?
by ezraz on Mon 31st Mar 2014 19:15 UTC
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this is a complicated one - i feel alot of different ways about office on ipad.

i will get the free ones for my ipad but i don't know that i'd ever need them. maybe if i'm on the couch or the throne and i need to see some serious word doc, like a contract.

i haven't had to pay for my office subscription but it's mainly because i've trained my windows boss to know that much of his dev team is on mac and would prefer open file formats.

that said, i can imagine one of my business connections needing me to have one, and maybe paying for it.

yet the office clones and format exchangers have been enough for me for about 5 years now.

i just don't know. i don't think people are going to buy more ipads because office is on it, but i can see that as one less reason to get a windows tablet.

i really wish microsoft would focus on software only and really wow us with some great software technology, and leave the hardware to companies far better at it.

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