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Internet & Networking Microsoft dropped support for Exchange 5.5 on December 31st, 2004. Exchange 5.5 users can upgrade to Exchange Server 2003, continue to run 5.5 with all accompanied security risks, or switch over to another mail/groupware system.In this article I propose a fourth option that is really options two (run Exchange) and three (run another mail system) combined.
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RE: Could have been worded better
by Anonymous on Mon 18th Jul 2005 18:39 UTC in reply to "Could have been worded better"
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"These are generalized statements intending that you are not secure if you run Exchange 5.5. These statements could be applied to almost any MTA. "

The problem is MS is stopping support. Meaning if an exploit is found, they won't bother to fix it. Other MTAs will have patches available.

I and I think you mean Sendmail, not "Sendmain" ;)

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