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Mozilla & Gecko clones

For the Internet community, the principles of free speech and equal rights are foundational. But in recent days, those issues are clashing at Mozilla, the nonprofit foundation and tech company behind the Firefox browser.

At issue is Brendan Eich, a co-founder of Mozilla, inventor of the much used Javascript programming language and the newly appointed CEO of the company. Eich made a $1,000 donation to the campaign for California's Proposition 8, which defined marriage as only between a man and a woman. The donation had come to light in 2012, but fizzled.

Opposing same-sex marriage is no different than opposing interracial marriage. As a Dutchman, it baffles me that an organisation like Mozilla appointed a man with such medieval ideas.

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RE: Welcome to Witch Hunting v2.0
by jgagnon on Tue 1st Apr 2014 19:47 UTC in reply to "Welcome to Witch Hunting v2.0"
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He is Mozilla's CEO not the President of USA.

Who cares about his personal/political/religious opinions?!

This is crazy...

The people that care are the ones that are complaining, obviously. He is a leader and as a leader has influence over the company and its policies. Since he was willing to spend significant money to pursue an active belief of his outside the company then would it not be within reason to assume he might do the same at Mozilla? If I were a non-straight person working for Mozilla I might feel a little threatened, too. Or if I had a non-straight friend/relative working there. Et cetera.

And, for the record, if a POTUS does something you don't like you can help them lose their job, too.

Mozilla, the corporation - not the non-profit, is a private company. They can "handle things" in many different ways than a public company could, for better or for worse. As a leader of a private company you represent the company. Obviously, some people do not feel he represents the company very well.

And, as always, the Internet has every right to vent about anything and everything, even without a good reason. ;)

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