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AnandTech on Apple's A7 processor:

I suspect Apple has more tricks up its sleeve than that however. Swift and Cyclone were two tocks in a row by Intel's definition, a third in 3 years would be unusual but not impossible (Intel sort of committed to doing the same with Saltwell/Silvermont/Airmont in 2012 - 2014).

Looking at Cyclone makes one thing very clear: the rest of the players in the ultra mobile CPU space didn't aim high enough. I wonder what happens next round.

This is one area where Apple really took everyone by surprise recently. When people talk about Apple losing its taste for disruption, they usually disregard the things they do not understand - such as hardcore processor design.

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RE[2]: Sad fact of reality
by pica on Wed 2nd Apr 2014 09:21 UTC in reply to "RE: Sad fact of reality"
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Luckily for Apple they mainly "innovate" with regards to marketing. Which in the end is the dept responsible for bringing home the bacon...

Yes, it was a marketing desaster.

* the VAX arch was EOL
* the Alpha was not ready
* MIPS R3000 was marketed by Digital as VAX successor

Yes, MIPS R3000 was marketed by Digital as VAX successor and less than a year later Digital presented Alpha based systems. That was to much change for it's customers. All trust credit has been burned.

It was not cost, it was not the switch from the most complex CISC to the most risky RISC, it was simply to much change.


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