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During the Build keynote, Microsoft also officially unveiled Windows Phone 8.1. Most of its features have long been known, so I'm not going to go into all of them in detail, but suffice it to say this is a huge update. Microsoft focuses a lot on its Google Now and Siri alternative Cortana (The Verge has a great article on it), which works more or less in the same way, but with one interesting strength: integration with third party applications.

Windows Phone 8.1 will become available for developers this month, and will be pushed to current devices in the coming months. It will also be available on new devices during that same timeframe - and it'll arrive on all Windows Phone 8 devices (every time a Microsoft employee points this out, an Android 2.3 device explodes).

I am very psyched for this massive update. It might not make much of a difference in the marketplace, but that doesn't really matter for me personally. This simply looks like a fantastic update, and I can't wait until my developer-ready HTC 8X gets the developer update.

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RE[4]: Comment by Sodki
by dsmogor on Thu 3rd Apr 2014 19:15 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by Sodki"
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Both ICS and WP8 have been big revolutions that brought the systems from infancy stage to maturity.
MS decided arbitrarily to drop in the towel because it's bound to hw platform and MS wanted to update it as well.
Google left the (not easy) decision whether fo go on with absolutely challenging upgrade to hw makers. On the platform level MS upgrade was more important enabling native developement. This makes situation in which MS policy left owners of WP7 devises worse than comparable Android 2.3 counterparts.

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