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Called the Partnership for American Innovation, the group warned that steps to stop the PAEs could also hurt truly innovative companies.

Companies signing on to the effort so far are Apple Inc., DuPont, Ford Motor Co., General Electric, IBM Corp, Microsoft Corp and Pfizer Inc.


In particular, the group would oppose efforts to make software or biotechnology unpatentable.

Google, Cisco and other supporters of efforts to curb frivolous patent litigation from PAEs, often termed "patent trolls," supported a bill that easily passed the U.S. House of Representatives in December.

Software patents are destructive and hinder innovation. Apple, Microsoft, and the other members are actively lobbying to limit innovation in the technology industry. This, in turn, will harm the American economy, and cost the American people tens of thousands of jobs.

It's easy to sound like a politician.

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I'm for patents with 10 yr life spans.
by Sabon on Thu 3rd Apr 2014 20:32 UTC
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For all of you that are against patents I'm guessing that pretty close to 100% of you have never created anything that you then turned around and tried to sell.

Without patents: You create a product or a version of a product that is deemed different enough to have everyone take notice for its new unique design and function that is attractive to a lot (maybe small pct of population but still large number) of people and you start selling a lot of that product. Great news!!! Then oops, you start seeing other people create a copy of your product that you have put lots of blood, sweat and your own personal money into, and here they come and steal all your customers and there is nothing that you can do about it. Since you have debts because of what it took to create the products you have costs that all the copiers don't have so you go bankrupt while they make money. Wow! Great system. NOT.

With Patents: You work very hard and create a brand new product or version of a product that is new enough to grab people's attention. It is different enough that you are able to patent your idea and maybe even the way you create your new device. Since you have a patent it is illegal for others to copy and sell your product. Because of this nobody can legally create a copy and sell it for less than what you can and because of this you are able to sell your product with the expectation that you are protected from being ripped off by others.

I believe that you shouldn't be able to buy patents unless you are going to use that patent for a product that you, yourself, or your company is going to make. You shouldn't be able to buy a patent as a patent troll.

The patent system isn't perfect but people that have never created and tried to patent something have zero clue how this system really works.

I'd compare those people to kids thinking they know better than their parents on how things should be. There are a few kids who do know better but for the most part they do not. Parents have wisdom from having gone through childhood and are now parents.

People that have never created a product and tried to patent it and then tried to sell a product based on that, well they are just little kids trying to figure out what it means to be an adult.

But just like almost every living animal in the world, we all have places where **** comes out of. Ignorance may be bliss but it is very ugly.

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