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Called the Partnership for American Innovation, the group warned that steps to stop the PAEs could also hurt truly innovative companies.

Companies signing on to the effort so far are Apple Inc., DuPont, Ford Motor Co., General Electric, IBM Corp, Microsoft Corp and Pfizer Inc.


In particular, the group would oppose efforts to make software or biotechnology unpatentable.

Google, Cisco and other supporters of efforts to curb frivolous patent litigation from PAEs, often termed "patent trolls," supported a bill that easily passed the U.S. House of Representatives in December.

Software patents are destructive and hinder innovation. Apple, Microsoft, and the other members are actively lobbying to limit innovation in the technology industry. This, in turn, will harm the American economy, and cost the American people tens of thousands of jobs.

It's easy to sound like a politician.

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I know what the difference is. Yes I noted that there are problems.

One of such problems is software patents. The valid software patent is yet to be issued – if possible at all. Given the abuse ratio, the software patents are net loss, and no viable solution was ever proposed.

One thing that SHOULD be patentable (note for 10 years) is the shape of cars [...] I the same is true with the physical looks of cell phones and the look and way the OS and software looks on cell phones. Each OS should be obviously unique so that, without seeing a brand you should be able to pick out which company created it.

Why? You propose to limit customers' choice by making impossible for companies to improve on others' mistakes. Adopting such measure would massively hurt everyone except producers of most trendy goods, who would be allowed to capitalize on their success by lowering costs by lowering quality. Huge net loss.

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