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.NET (dotGNU too)

At its Build developer conference today, Microsoft announced that it was open sourcing a wide array of its .NET libraries and related technologies and creating a group, the .NET Foundation, to oversee the development and stewardship of the open source components.

Perhaps the highlight of the announcement today was that the company will be releasing its Roslyn compiler stack as open source under the Apache 2.0 license. Roslyn includes a C# and Visual Basic.NET compiler, offering what Microsoft calls a "compiler as a service".

This is more than just a code dump - Microsoft is launching the .NET Foundation, with representatives from Microsoft, GitHub, and Xamarin, among others, to act as stewards for the various related open source projects.

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This is little more than an attempt to lure people back to Microsoft (and thus Windows) technology.

Yes, Microsoft's motive is to sell more of the products they produce. News at 11!!

For C# and VB.Net developers around the world this is actually wonderful news. They just literally gave the entire community a full compiler framework for free under a very permissive license!

This is Microsoft's attempt to offer something similar like LLVM and Clang for developers using their tech. I fail to see how that can be so horrible..

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