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Internal Apple documents from last April shown in court today paint the picture that the company was scrambling to identify and determine ways to compete with devices running Android, as well as keep sales of the iPhone from petering out amid growing competition.

Pages from a 2014 planning document last April, shown during a cross-examination of Apple's marketing chief Phil Schiller, noted that smartphone growth rates were declining, something that could impact iPhone sales. Worse yet, the document said, was growing consumer interest for less expensive, larger-screened smartphones, with a headline on the page reading "consumers want what we don't have."

Apple is doing just fine in the US. In large parts of Europe and the rest of the world - not so much. I don't mean to say they are in trouble or will die - so let's get that strawman out of the way straight-up - but Apple's leadership (unlike some others) is smart enough to know that what matters is not last year, this year, or even next year - what matters is five years from now. Once people get accustomed to relatively cheap, non-iOS devices with large screens, they won't be going back to a phone with a tiny (by comparison) display that costs twice as much.

So yes, those larger-screen iPhones are coming.

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by bfr99 on Sat 5th Apr 2014 21:47 UTC
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This is a natural progression of the maturing of the phone market. In a mature market everyone is selling the same product. Competition is on things like price, availability, cosmetics, etc. You now see phone hardware reviewers desperately reporting minor differences in screen size, weight, memory, cpu speed etc when these variations have almost no impact on the functionality of the phone. And despite the best efforts of Apple's legal team software features can be rapidly copied. Of course it is possible the smart people at Apple can create some new advance but I wouldn't bet on it.

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