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Internal Apple documents from last April shown in court today paint the picture that the company was scrambling to identify and determine ways to compete with devices running Android, as well as keep sales of the iPhone from petering out amid growing competition.

Pages from a 2014 planning document last April, shown during a cross-examination of Apple's marketing chief Phil Schiller, noted that smartphone growth rates were declining, something that could impact iPhone sales. Worse yet, the document said, was growing consumer interest for less expensive, larger-screened smartphones, with a headline on the page reading "consumers want what we don't have."

Apple is doing just fine in the US. In large parts of Europe and the rest of the world - not so much. I don't mean to say they are in trouble or will die - so let's get that strawman out of the way straight-up - but Apple's leadership (unlike some others) is smart enough to know that what matters is not last year, this year, or even next year - what matters is five years from now. Once people get accustomed to relatively cheap, non-iOS devices with large screens, they won't be going back to a phone with a tiny (by comparison) display that costs twice as much.

So yes, those larger-screen iPhones are coming.

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RE: what $200 gets you
by Priest on Sun 6th Apr 2014 11:31 UTC in reply to "what $200 gets you"
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It's a mixed bag, right now there isn't much market for cheap off brand phones and even when major manufacturers ship cheaper phones they never pull in very significant sales numbers compared to their flagship phones.

I think a really good $1500 phone may actually sell more units than a decent $200 phone. Phones are really important to people and for some people they double as a status symbol.

If I got to make decisions like that I would do more to test the high end of the market. Just like a Prius has a lot of hybrid badges I would sell a exclusive color S5 for $1,000 that meant you purchased a lot of land in the rain forest, planted a tree, saved a polar bear, and vaccinated a couple poor african kids. The phone would come with enough carbon credits to offset its existence. Bundle an exclusive chat app with it that only people who bought the $1000 smug edition are able to use and smell each others farts with.

I could definitely out-smug the iPhone user base and the phone would one up the other flagships as the more expensive status symbol. It sounds like an April fools joke but I genuinely believe it would sell more units than the W200S you linked.

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