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It's finally here. After 12 years, 6 months, and 12 days on the market, Windows XP has hit its end of life. It will receive its last ever set of patches on Windows Update today, and for the most part, that will be that. Any flaws discovered from now on - and it's inevitable that some will be discovered - will never be publicly patched.

How bad is this going to be? It's probably going to be pretty bad. By some measures, about 28 percent of the Web-using public is still using Windows XP, and these systems are going to be ripe for exploitation.

I never liked Windows XP (I used BeOS during XP's early days, and Mac OS X and Linux during XP's later days), so I'm glad to see it go. This terrible operating system should have died out years ago.

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RE: Comment by Tractor
by Thom_Holwerda on Wed 9th Apr 2014 09:42 UTC in reply to "Comment by Tractor"
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It WAS terrible.

- Updating it was a mess. WU on XP is my definition of hell.

- It had a terrible graphics subsystem powering the UI, leading to artifacts, slow responsiveness, tearing, and god knows what else - especially compared to OS X or even BeOS, using XP felt like running through wet sand while wearing concrete boots.

- Security was a total and absolute nightmare.

- Booting it was a nightmare. It took forever, and just when you thought the desktop was ready to use - NOPE more waiting for a million things to load in the background.

- No proper package management whatsoever.

- Incredibly BSOD-sensitive, especially during the early years.

I'm sorry, but XP was NOT a good operating system if you were used to the modernity of OS X and the speed and compactness of BeOS. Both of those had their own sets of issues, but nowhere near as dreadful as XP.

The only reason XP gets a pass is because Vista was a pile of shit, but with Windows 7 around, there is absolutely NO reason WHATSOEVER to still be using that mess.

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