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Mozilla & Gecko clones

Fortunately though, Mozilla keeps on trucking, and Firefox OS appears to be constantly improving. The latest version available is 1.3.0, with the latest preview being 1.4. Now, sources from China have gotten their hands on a ton of screenshots and new information regarding Firefox OS 2.0, and we must say, the UI looks quite pretty.

This looks quite good indeed.

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Marriage is a religious institution. It's redefinition is especially concerning to those of religious background. It was not about "hate" as was often implied or outright stated. It was simply an issue of definitions. Words mean things. When a group tries to change them there are ramifications for that change.

No. There are two things a marriage means: one is the religious one, and the other is the legal, government - driven one. LGBT - community is seeking equality with the latter, not the former. It's certainly not our fault that both the government and the church use the same word for different things and thus you cannot lay the blame on us.

Also, the LGBT - community isn't trying to "redefine" words, they are only seeking equality in the eyes of the law. It's you who is so horribly defensive about the term "marriage" when LGBT - community at large doesn't care what the term is as long as the rights are equal. Change the legal term to something other than "marriage" and no one cares!

All this is to say, stop being so defensive about the definition of a single god damn word.

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