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Mozilla & Gecko clones

Fortunately though, Mozilla keeps on trucking, and Firefox OS appears to be constantly improving. The latest version available is 1.3.0, with the latest preview being 1.4. Now, sources from China have gotten their hands on a ton of screenshots and new information regarding Firefox OS 2.0, and we must say, the UI looks quite pretty.

This looks quite good indeed.

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Also, the LGBT - community isn't trying to "redefine" words, they are only seeking equality in the eyes of the law. It's you who is so horribly defensive about the term "marriage" when LGBT - community at large doesn't care what the term is as long as the rights are equal. Change the legal term to something other than "marriage" and no one cares!

It was called "Domestic Partnership". It had very nearly (although not _exactly_) the same rights, privileges, and legal definition as marriage in California, with one major exception - it was not called "marriage"... It was established in 1999, but did not become "virtually equivalent" legally to marriage until about 2003 (5 years before Prop 8)

Prop 8, the bill that Eich donated money to support, did not remove any of the rights, privileges, or legal definitions. What it did was strike down marriages that occurred in 2004 in San Francisco that were not established under supporting law. These were not Domestic Partnershps, they were deemed marriages - and at the time they was no supporting law to make them legal. They were defacto established by the Mayor at the time, Gaven Newsom. The Supreme Court of California had upheld those defacto marriages as legal in 2008, Prop 8 was intended to reverse this decision though a ballot initiative by popular vote.

I am posting this mostly because I'm tired of people arguing about this issue not knowing the fundamental truths involved. I am personally ALL for gay marriage, but saying things like "the term doesn't matter" is completely missing the point - the controversy is entirely about the term. Pro or against, whatever, that is EXACTLY what it is about. It is not a rights issue, it is about the term "marriage".

Someone who supported prop 8, who says they did so because they believe the term "marriage" should be reserved for it religious use, may very will be honest in saying so. They do not have to hate gays, they do not have to believe in taking away someones rights. Then again maybe they do - I can't see into Eich's heart. Just saying I don't personally believe that donating money to prop 8 automatically makes you a bigot.

All this is to say, stop being so defensive about the definition of a single god damn word.

Both sides of the issue are guilty of this - that is kinda my point... The gay community did not want domestic partnerships or civil unions - it is very much about the word marriage.

I personally think the term does matter, and should be the same either way, but my preference would be to completely divorce the concept of religious marriage with legal marriage. Make everyone get "civil union" or "domestic partnership" licenses, and let religions figure out whether or not they want to recognize same sex couples. It shouldn't even be a political issue at all in my opinion.

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