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Mozilla & Gecko clones

Fortunately though, Mozilla keeps on trucking, and Firefox OS appears to be constantly improving. The latest version available is 1.3.0, with the latest preview being 1.4. Now, sources from China have gotten their hands on a ton of screenshots and new information regarding Firefox OS 2.0, and we must say, the UI looks quite pretty.

This looks quite good indeed.

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"It was called "Domestic Partnership". It had very nearly (although not _exactly_)

As I look at it, it's not recognized by the federal law. That means it's not even nearly equal.

You have to keep the timeline in mind... Prior to June 2013 it din't matter what you called it - the US federal government did not recognize same-sex marriages - period. As such, at the time, Domestic Partnership was equivalent to marriage in the state of California.

I'm not trying to condone Prop 8, fact is those who pushed for that ballot initiative tried a few others first that were extremely anti-gay rights - they didn't make the ballot fortunately... But regardless, Prop 8 was not an anti-gar rights bill - it was purely about designation, i.e. it was about use of the word marriage. That is just fact.

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