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Mozilla & Gecko clones

Fortunately though, Mozilla keeps on trucking, and Firefox OS appears to be constantly improving. The latest version available is 1.3.0, with the latest preview being 1.4. Now, sources from China have gotten their hands on a ton of screenshots and new information regarding Firefox OS 2.0, and we must say, the UI looks quite pretty.

This looks quite good indeed.

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by HappyGod on Thu 10th Apr 2014 07:02 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: ..."
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No, it's off topic..

First of all, I don't think it is off-topic. The article was discussing the viability of the product. Users views about the company involved are perfectly valid.

But, for arguments sake, let's say it is. That would be why we have the "off-topic" vote down option!? An enormous amount of the comments on OSNews are off-topic, and have never been given the "cease and desist" edict from above that this one got.

I can't believe anyone here seriously believes this got shut down because it was off-topic. It got censored.

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