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It wasn't meant to be this way. Windows XP, now no longer supported, wasn't meant to be popular. For all its popularity and sustained usage, people seem to have forgotten something important about it: it sucked.

The Ars forums are a place for geeks to hang out and chat about tech, and especially in the light of the hostility shown towards Windows 8, we thought it might be fun to take a look at how our forum dwellers reacted when first introduced to Microsoft's ancient operating system.

How times change.

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My thoughts about XP...
by leech on Thu 10th Apr 2014 12:32 UTC
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I too hated XP when it first came out. I still maintain that Windows 2000 was a much better product. Only reason I wanted XP is because I thought it'd support theming like linux DE's, but then it really didn't unless you wanted to use third party software (which slowed everything down and didn't work quite right) or use the msstyles hack, which wasn't really all that stable.

Windows 7 was the only (consumer) Microsoft OS besides Windows 2000 that I don't think left a dirty taste in everyone's mouth right away, and I think 90% of that is because Vista sucked so much, that ANY improvements were given big props.

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