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It wasn't meant to be this way. Windows XP, now no longer supported, wasn't meant to be popular. For all its popularity and sustained usage, people seem to have forgotten something important about it: it sucked.

The Ars forums are a place for geeks to hang out and chat about tech, and especially in the light of the hostility shown towards Windows 8, we thought it might be fun to take a look at how our forum dwellers reacted when first introduced to Microsoft's ancient operating system.

How times change.

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RE: I still hate it
by REM2000 on Fri 11th Apr 2014 07:50 UTC in reply to "I still hate it"
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I agree i hated XP when it was released and i hate it now, good riddance.

I remember when it was released, basically take Windows 2000 stick a good awful UI on top and make sure it uses more RAM, HDD and CPU cycles than Win2K whilst providing the same functionaility.

To me Windows 2000 was a step forward from NT 4.0, XP a step backwards, i kept Win2K for ages until it just wasn't supported. I hated using WinXP but i did for games, at work i used WinXP x64 which seemed faster and more reliable (probably from being based on Win2k3 and being a little more optimised).

Hated Vista too many bugs / problems, however loved Win7 and love Win8.1 more so, the performance of Win8.1 is amazing.

I shudder when i think of the dark days between 2005-2009 when i had to use XP!

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