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It wasn't meant to be this way. Windows XP, now no longer supported, wasn't meant to be popular. For all its popularity and sustained usage, people seem to have forgotten something important about it: it sucked.

The Ars forums are a place for geeks to hang out and chat about tech, and especially in the light of the hostility shown towards Windows 8, we thought it might be fun to take a look at how our forum dwellers reacted when first introduced to Microsoft's ancient operating system.

How times change.

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The linked article is plain bullshit.
And I'm not surprised to see the name of its author, Peter B., which basically suffer from many syndromes, including but not limited to, selective cognition, and Microsoft hate.

> The biggest problem with Windows XP was that it was Microsoft's first operating system to feature Product Activation,


Product Activation is now basically a hidden feature of Any modern OS with Cloud services support (Yes, including OS-X, Android, iOS and even Ubuntu, you are just not informed of it). If anything, it was a move ahead of its time.

I wasn't exactly keen either on that "feature", but using this forehead argument to conclude that "Windows XP sucked" ? Really ? Is it possible to look at WXP with a less encompassing view, only displaying cherry-picked side details ? And what's next, the colors of the default theme sucked ?

OK, I'm done, it gives ample information to provide good evaluation of the worth of the article and most importantly its author.

Selective cognition is not limited to Peter B., Thom is a big member of the community now. This is obviously a follow up of his previous article, where he felt alone in shouting "Windows XP sucked" to the world. From the myriad of articles available on Windows XP obituary, he selected this one, THE one which agrees with his definition.

This is becoming silly. I'll have to reconsider my list of favorite sites I regularly visit for news.

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