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There's certainly some hope on the horizon with Apple and Google, though just how good these systems will be remains to be seen. One thing is clear, though: the current state of all in-car experiences is incredibly bad. For those manufacturers looking to go it alone, I don't expect much.

In-car software is absolutely horrifying and crazy complex. A good friend of mine regularly drives brand new and super-expensive cars (in the hundreds of thousands of euros category), and even in those cars, the user interfaces are just terrible. There's a lot of room for improvement and disruption here.

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RE[2]: disposable cars
by unclefester on Sat 12th Apr 2014 08:19 UTC in reply to "RE: disposable cars"
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The fuel efficiency of modern cars is based on totally unrealistic synthetic benchmarks that can underestimate real world fuel consumption by 30% or more.

A VW Golf DSG transmission costs >$8,000 (in Australia) to replace and it can fail after about five years (75,000Km) of normal use. $8000 will buy 6000 litres of petrol so efficiency isn't all that critical.

The Peugeot clutch costs $40 (plus labour) to replace and will easily last 100,000Km if driven properly. There are no expensive electronics to fail. Routine maintenance costs are no more than $100-200/year if you have some basic tools and some DIY ability.

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