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There's certainly some hope on the horizon with Apple and Google, though just how good these systems will be remains to be seen. One thing is clear, though: the current state of all in-car experiences is incredibly bad. For those manufacturers looking to go it alone, I don't expect much.

In-car software is absolutely horrifying and crazy complex. A good friend of mine regularly drives brand new and super-expensive cars (in the hundreds of thousands of euros category), and even in those cars, the user interfaces are just terrible. There's a lot of room for improvement and disruption here.

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Car dashboard usability blows at the moment because of touch screens and hoping for Apple or Google to fix that is just hilarious. They know even less about doing an in car UI than car manufacturers. Heck, Google has been trying to get Android to work on phones for ears now and it's still a usability disaster.

touch screen in car is probably worst idea possible, not to mention any android/ios ui (touch swipe reliant i mean, ui would surely be able to be done as it needs) would be creating new levels of bad.

as much as i don't like idrive in my bmw7, ui and handling is not half as bad as any other in this article. but, i have to say i preferred old "lots of buttons" in bmw5 i owned before. it required way less effort and looking on screen to do any op, not to mention it felt safer to manipulate while driving.

though, i have to admit i kinda want to see Tizen-IVI they are working on

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