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There's certainly some hope on the horizon with Apple and Google, though just how good these systems will be remains to be seen. One thing is clear, though: the current state of all in-car experiences is incredibly bad. For those manufacturers looking to go it alone, I don't expect much.

In-car software is absolutely horrifying and crazy complex. A good friend of mine regularly drives brand new and super-expensive cars (in the hundreds of thousands of euros category), and even in those cars, the user interfaces are just terrible. There's a lot of room for improvement and disruption here.

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RE: disposable cars
by somebody on Sun 13th Apr 2014 10:52 UTC in reply to "disposable cars"
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The modern car is literally designed to be disposable. After about 100,000Km the potential cost of major repairs and service can be extraordinary (especially European models) and easily exceed the value of the car.

On of my friends chooses to drive a 50 year old Peugeot because it is extremely reliable and he can do virtually any repair or maintenance himself.

don't know how you got european cars here. unless you think french cars+fiat=european cars and even those tend to be reliable to 200k. sad truth is that french cars tend to be cheaper and more popular even though quality is far from looks (everything about them when you look details screams "i was made cheap"). all you need is to do test drive in 1 month old french car and then go and try used bmw/vw at 300+k... notice the difference

german cars are probably as reliable as you can imagine. well, i can at least say that for bmw or vw.

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