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It wasn't meant to be this way. Windows XP, now no longer supported, wasn't meant to be popular. For all its popularity and sustained usage, people seem to have forgotten something important about it: it sucked.

The Ars forums are a place for geeks to hang out and chat about tech, and especially in the light of the hostility shown towards Windows 8, we thought it might be fun to take a look at how our forum dwellers reacted when first introduced to Microsoft's ancient operating system.

How times change.

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RE[6]: Comment by joekiser
by oiaohm on Mon 14th Apr 2014 09:36 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by joekiser"
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bassbeast no application under Linux says its requires kernel x.xx all current Linux applications will run if you have a 2.6.34 kernel. Or in other words the oldest LTS kernel. 2.6.34 in fact will run systemd. Some applications that are directly about kernel control will disable features on older kernel because the features are not their but they don't fail to function.

Hairyfeet challenge cannot be completed. Mostly because there is a tech issue. Go install Nvidia or AMD closed source drivers direct from nvidia or AMD. Yes Nvidia provides a text based install that expects X11 disabled. Why with X11 load with Nvidia or AMD closed source drivers a kernel panic in will not display. So to install drivers under Linux you are forced to use command line due to install drivers due to the fact you need to be able to see kernel panics if stuff goes wrong. If you are using open source drivers for your graphical you can have X11 loaded and still see a kernel panic.

Now a video card driver under MS Windows that blocks Windows blue/red screen of death from being displayed cannot be Windows Certified. So Linux biggest issue is second rate closed source drivers.

When you first install a driver for a bit of hardware is when you are at the highest risk of a blue screen of death or kernel panic due to the hardware being defective.

Package management also failing to non graphical is also related to the same problem. When Nvidia or ATI closed source drivers install at times they can delete parts of the open source drivers rendering them non functional.

The fact kernel panic display works with open source drivers is not that Linux is badly designed.

Yes the same reason is why Linux world does not want to support binary drivers. Most binary drivers are very crappy on what they force on us.

Yes Linus swearing at Nvidia was very much deserved.

bassbeast go install ubuntu LTS go and straight up add zeroinstall/0install add the package groups from newer version of Ubuntu and debian to zeroinstall

Then you will find out LTS versions of Linux are fully able to run all the latest applications without requiring the newest X11 or newest kernel.

People are getting themselves beat up because they are not using the LTS versions of distributions. The binary drivers are certified for LTS versions of distributions. You want applications not in the LTS version use zeroinstall or backports.

The hairyfeet challenge is just an excuse that you don't have to yell at video card makers for providing crap.

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