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As it turns out, Nokia developed an internet tablet all the way back in 2001. It was called the Nokia M510, several thousand units were made, and it was functional. Sadly, market research showed that consumers were not yet ready for a device like this, and so the project was cancelled. It had a 800x600 display, ran EPOC (Symbian), and sported wifi. The stories are in Finnish, and since I don't speak Finnish, I had to rely on Google Translate (as a translator, this made me feel dirty).

Now that Nokia's devices division is essentially dead, it wouldn't surprise me to see more of these stories to come out. There must be some truly outrageous stuff locked away at Nokia.

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"After less than three months in the market, Sony discontinued the product on September 13, 2001"

There were several other similar products released in 2000/2001 which all failed miserably. Most were no tablets but stationary terminals, but there were also tablets:

Nokia was rather late and the management didn't need to be very bright to see that the whole concept crashed and burned in the market.

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