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Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is the first long-term support release with support for the new "arm64" architecture for 64-bit ARM systems, as well as the "ppc64el" architecture for little-endian 64-bit POWER systems. This release also includes several subtle but welcome improvements to Unity, AppArmor, and a host of other great software.

Is it just me, or do releases of major Linux distributions simply not create much excitement anymore? I remember a time when these releases were hotly anticipated and much debated. These days, they go by and nobody really seems to care. Is this a reflection of shifting focus in the industry - towards mobile - or because the interest in desktop Linux in general has waned considerably?

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Maybe the Linux users are maturing??
by SeanParsons on Sat 19th Apr 2014 13:16 UTC
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Linux users are no longer the young idealists full of too much testosterone and caffeine, we've grown-up. I know I have been using Linux for 14 years (my wife has been using it even longer) and I know that many things that used to get me all pumped up don't grab my attention as much. We used to refer to the the old UNIX users as grey beards. Much of the hair still attached to my head is now grey.

I am excited about the new release, and all the changes. More customization options (like moving the universal menu back to the window if I want). It does a better job of working with my high resolution touchscreen monitor (no fiddling with this release), my high-end printer works better with this release (once again no fiddling), and everything seems to move pretty quickly. Unity has matured and I now use it as my preferred desktop (no longer using Xfce or Openbox; although EvilWM will always have a warm fuzzy spot in my heart). An LTS means more commercial support which is certainly awesome as I am no longer the young idealist that say, "I will only use FOSS!". And as I look at this, I can easily see how this is going to transition to a phone UI, which I am considering for my next phone.

I have upgraded my main desktop already and in the following week I will upgrade my netbook, my workstation in my lab, and my server; but this will be my single longest post I make about all this.

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