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Rockstar, the massive patent troll in which Apple is a majority shareholder, sued Google for patent infringement. Of course, Rockstar filed suit in the Eastern District of Texas, the usual venue for patent trolls. Because of Apple's involvement, Google motioned to have the suit take place in California instead, where it stands a much greater chance of winning. Judge Claudia Wilken sides with Google. She states in the ruling:

Google and Apple's rivalry in the smartphone industry is well-documented. Apple's founder stated that he viewed Android as a "rip off" of iPhone features and intended to "destroy" Android by launching a "thermonuclear war." Defendants' litigation strategy of suing Google customers is consistent with Apple's particular business interest... This 'scare the customer and run' tactic advances Apple's interest in interfering with Google's Android business.

Every now and then, someone just gets it. Judge Wilken looked beyond the constructed sham companies and legal cobwebs - such as Rockstar setting up a sham company in Delaware with zero California contacts and transferring all patents-in-suit to that company a day before it sued Google.

The world needs more judges like this. In addition - it seems like Jobs' remarks about Android are catching up to the company. Delightful.

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RE[4]: Comment by ilovebeer
by MOS6510 on Sat 19th Apr 2014 21:36 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by ilovebeer"
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So if someone has an iPad he must be an Apple faithful and all faithfuls are like him. Like him meaning telling people they should buy Apple stuff, not getting insulted by kids.

I have a Windows 8.1 tablet and an iPad Air. This is really comparing apples and oranges (pun intended).

A Windows tablet is a real computer and very awkward to use without a keyboard and mouse. Only in landscape mode can it effectively be used.

On the iPad runs true tablet software, optimized and geared towards the iPad. It's just no competition compared to software designed to run on a real computer with a keyboard and mouse. While more limited an iPad runs circles around a Windows tablet when it comes to speed and usability.

I'm not even getting in to all the problems my Windows "tablet" has displayed and the screen that's just too small for stuff like Outlook and Visual Studio.

I do like it for Nexflix watching, which often doesn't work the first, second, third time, but after a while it does and for making handwritten notes and doodles in OneNote (desktop version, the Metro one is too buggy). The keyboard has a battery that extends the tablet one's making it last for a very long time.

If your daughter needs a computer for school then yes, a Windows computer is a better choice than an iPad. But if you need a tablet, an iPad is a real tablet and a Windows 8 one isn't.

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