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Mac OS X

Join the OS X Beta Seed Program and help make OS X even better. Install the latest pre-release software, try it out, and submit your feedback.

Apple opens its OS X beta program to everyone. Interesting move.

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It doesn't have to be a custom system, just a headless system more powerful than Mac Mini. It wouldn't need to draw any more power than a Mac Pro that contains 2 AMD FirePro's.

If they offered a version of the Mac Pro that swapped out the Xeon, ECC RAM, and FirePro for i7, non-ECC RAM, and Radeon or GeForce GPU it would outsell other Mac Pro's by a lot.

It's not that they can't do it, Apple is deliberately staying away from building a product that would more strongly compete with high end PC's and most workstations. The reasons why they are avoiding doing this are up for debate but its not for any of the reasons I saw in the thread so far.

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