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The PC-BSD project is developing its own desktop environment from scratch! The ultimate plan is for Lumina to become a full-featured, open-source desktop environment that may ultimately replace KDE as its default desktop environment.

A Phoronix reader, Ryan Bram, wrote in to share word on this new desktop environment being developed by the PC-BSD crew, the popular desktop-focused derivative of FreeBSD. This new desktop is called Lumina and is being developed as a home-grown desktop environment catered toward this BSD operating system.

While it's obviously cool, I wonder if it's a wise idea to undertake such a huge endeavour. I honestly doubt PC-BSD has the developers, testers, and users required for creating, maintaining, and improving an entire desktop environment.

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Very strange way to use resources...
by Auzy on Fri 25th Apr 2014 00:29 UTC
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I hate to be "that guy", however, it seems a bit silly to develop a whole new desktop environment at this time when there are more pressing matters, especially since the choices of DE's these days isn't the problem.

If they need some guidance, just a quick list:
1) We don't have anything like Adobe creative Suite.
2) All DE's seem to be missing some basic but common GUI based Setting (Yast comes close though, but OpenSUSE, has some other issues).
3) There seems to be serious performance issues with most DE's, distros and gaming (Gnome 3 is the only modern DE I could find at the moment, which works at native frame-rate speeds)
4) Even Bitwig on Windows took 2 clicks to get going, but, on Linux, getting realtime audio running is a WHOLE other story.. Last I tried on BSD, my audio didn't work at all (but it might be different with my new sound interface now).

What's holding back Linux or BSD isn't the desktop environment (I haven't heard anyone complain about the interface). What's holding us back is the small stuff which we are missing, the small pieces lacking integration and professional applications (for audio, we now have bitwig, but we don't have anything for design).

If even 1 distro, instead of working on a new DE worked on a free, well-integrated Adobe Creative Suite alternative, it would do FAR more for their cash influx/donations, and for the global *nix environment than saturating the environment with another DE.

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