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The PC-BSD project is developing its own desktop environment from scratch! The ultimate plan is for Lumina to become a full-featured, open-source desktop environment that may ultimately replace KDE as its default desktop environment.

A Phoronix reader, Ryan Bram, wrote in to share word on this new desktop environment being developed by the PC-BSD crew, the popular desktop-focused derivative of FreeBSD. This new desktop is called Lumina and is being developed as a home-grown desktop environment catered toward this BSD operating system.

While it's obviously cool, I wonder if it's a wise idea to undertake such a huge endeavour. I honestly doubt PC-BSD has the developers, testers, and users required for creating, maintaining, and improving an entire desktop environment.

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Not as big a job as it seems
by thegman on Fri 25th Apr 2014 02:37 UTC
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I wrote a desktop for QNX some years ago, never released it, but it was functional. If you've already got a decent toolkit (which QNX had, with bells on), then a desktop is not really that big an endeavour. It's probably less than 1% of the work of making something like Adobe's Creative Suite, and probably less than 1% of the work of just making a web browser.

If this is going to be just another rip off of the Mac or Windows, then I don't see a lot of point. But if it's going to be a genuine attempt to make something innovative and different, then I wish them all the luck they need. Will be interesting to see how it progresses.

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