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The PC-BSD project is developing its own desktop environment from scratch! The ultimate plan is for Lumina to become a full-featured, open-source desktop environment that may ultimately replace KDE as its default desktop environment.

A Phoronix reader, Ryan Bram, wrote in to share word on this new desktop environment being developed by the PC-BSD crew, the popular desktop-focused derivative of FreeBSD. This new desktop is called Lumina and is being developed as a home-grown desktop environment catered toward this BSD operating system.

While it's obviously cool, I wonder if it's a wise idea to undertake such a huge endeavour. I honestly doubt PC-BSD has the developers, testers, and users required for creating, maintaining, and improving an entire desktop environment.

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Comment by icicle
by icicle on Fri 25th Apr 2014 22:03 UTC
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The more the merrier in my opinion.

We need not only more choices, but also to remember how to create software from scratch.

Eventually we'll all be too abstracted from how computers work at the lowest level. In other words we're loosing control over how we got here.

I would like to see more people building computers from scratch, operating systems from scratch and even doing electronics with brass tacks and real wooden breadboards. We can't forget the fundamentals. The kids of today are growing up fully abstracted to how any of it works. We're becoming too consumer oriented and need to get back to creativity.

So yes, I think this is a good idea. Who cares if it doesn't seem 'efficient' to some of you. We need more people willing to re-invent the wheel in my opinion. It's not just about how far we can get. We must remember how we got here.

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