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The PC-BSD project is developing its own desktop environment from scratch! The ultimate plan is for Lumina to become a full-featured, open-source desktop environment that may ultimately replace KDE as its default desktop environment.

A Phoronix reader, Ryan Bram, wrote in to share word on this new desktop environment being developed by the PC-BSD crew, the popular desktop-focused derivative of FreeBSD. This new desktop is called Lumina and is being developed as a home-grown desktop environment catered toward this BSD operating system.

While it's obviously cool, I wonder if it's a wise idea to undertake such a huge endeavour. I honestly doubt PC-BSD has the developers, testers, and users required for creating, maintaining, and improving an entire desktop environment.

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RE[2]: Hawaii?
by demetrioussharpe on Sat 26th Apr 2014 03:47 UTC in reply to "RE: Hawaii?"
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Does any of the BSD's have the required kernel infrastructure to support Wayland and systemd? As that is what Maui is targeting.

Since those projects will continuously evolve with the Linux kernel & constantly change as the Linux kernel interfaces change, there's no way for the BSDs to have the required kernel infrastructure. Linux has, historically, changed infrastructures as fast as infants' diapers are changed. Really, it's not a matter of having the infrastructure, it's more-so of stabilizing the interface to the infrastructure. The BSD systems don't change interfaces & infrastructure on a dime. They also don't expect to have to continuously change their software for the sole purpose of an API change. Engineer a solution, then add it; rather than patch a problem & spending the next 2 decades engineering solutions for the problems that the patches cause.

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