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Think OS is an introduction to Operating Systems for programmers.

In many computer science programs, Operating Systems is an advanced topic. By the time students take it, they usually know how to program in C, and they have probably taken a class in Computer Architecture. Usually the goal of the class is to expose students to the design and implementation of operating systems, with the implied assumption that some of them will do research in this area, or write part of an OS.

This book is intended for a different audience, and it has different goals. I developed it for a class at Olin College called Software Systems.

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RE: Otherwise...
by WereCatf on Tue 29th Apr 2014 03:26 UTC in reply to "Otherwise..."
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Those are more about programming an OS or how to develop certain OS-specific subsystems, whereas after quickly browsing through the Think OS - PDF the book is more about generalized view on what services OSes provide for programmers and how these services may function. It doesn't actually delve into any actual implementations or specifics as far as I can see.

It's certainly a good primer for someone who is a total beginner and has no idea on what an OS really even is in the first place, but it doesn't really lend to learning how to build one yourself.

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