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The Verge (I'd quote the original source but it's stuck behind a paywall):

The Android Silver project, which was rumored earlier this month, has today been corroborated by four fresh sources, all of whom point to a major shift in Google's mobile strategy. The Information reports that the current scheme of offering Nexus-branded handsets with Google's unadulterated vision of the best Android user experience will be scrapped, to be replaced by a set of high-end Silver phones that will closely adhere to it. The change is both expansive and expensive, as Google is said to be planning to spend heavily on promoting these devices in wireless carriers' stores and through advertising, essentially subsidizing the development and marketing costs for its hardware partners.

In exchange for this new contribution, Google will gain tighter control over the software shipping on the selected phones. The promise is that the company will clean up third-party bloatware, ensure prompt and reliable software updates, and introduce a real standard and consistency to the user experience across Android Silver devices. LG and Motorola are identified as the likeliest candidates for taking part, with the first phones anticipated as soon as next year, while Samsung, HTC, and Sony might need a bit more convincing. Then again, all three of the latter companies already offer Google Play Editions of their leading phones, which might be the closest analog we have at the moment for what an Android Silver device will look and act like.

Music to my ears. This is exactly what Google needs to do in order to clean up the Android ecosystem and make a clear distinction between crap (TouchWiz, Sense, and so forth) and Android-proper. Hopefully, with Google pushing these devices in traditional venues (carriers), they'll see more widespread success than the Nexus program.

And please sell them worldwide. Please.

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RE: I like Sense
by rklrkl on Wed 30th Apr 2014 10:09 UTC in reply to "I like Sense"
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It sounds like you're an ideal candidate for CyanogenMod 11 *without* the Google apps separate install. Yes, CM have their own user account system, but you can skip that during the first-time install.

If you too lazy/scared to install CM, then the new OnePlus One phone comes with it pre-installed, though I believe it *does* come with Google apps (no idea if they are uninstallable or not).

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