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Firefox 29 has been released, and the most prominent new feature is an entirely new user interface. It's smoother and less angular, and has clearly been designed to somewhat resemble Google Chrome. Hence, I personally think it's a major step forward - except for Firefox' version of the Chrome menu, which uses a grid of icons instead of a list (?!) - but I'm nearly 100% convinced many Firefox users will not like it. It's change, after all.

Luckily, Firefox is customisable to the point of insanity, so I'm pretty sure you can revert to the old look with the right themes and extensions.

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It's out on Fedora now.
by Drumhellar on Thu 1st May 2014 11:08 UTC
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Fedora has it now. Thanks to the above mentioned Classic Theme Restorer, the I've been able to undo the UI changes that bug me.

Start-up time is god-awful, though. It loads with a blank tab or nothing, sits for a full 20 seconds doing nothing, then my tabs appear and stuff starts to happen, though that process takes 3 seconds on it's own.

And, this is with 9 pinned tabs plus the three that were opened when I closed the browser to run the test.

Though, closing Firefox seems faster, though. While there is a new delay of about a second and a half between hitting the close window button and the window actually disappearing, so far it seems the firefox process exits faster after the window is gone. Haven't used the browser nearly long enough to know if this will always be the case.

I think I'll go through the process of erasing my old profile and creating a new new one, just in case.

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