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I deeply, truly, desperately want Apple to add a Files app and DocumentPicker controller to the iPhone and iPad in iOS 8. I've wanted it going on 4 years, and every year more than the last. It is, in my very humble opinion, one of the biggest, most frustrating holes remaining on Apple's mobile operating system, and all the more so because it seems like a model for fixing it has been in successful use for years already. Right now we're saddled with the complexity and frustration of iOS documents locked in app and iCloud jails. We're driven to outdated filesystems like Dropbox because Apple hasn't yet provided a next generation alternative. It needs to happen and so I'm once again asking for it this year and for iOS 8.

iOS has many complexity-inducing frustrations born out of "keep it simple", but none as big as this one. File handling on iOS is so incredibly frustrating and needlessly complex that I have a hard time considering it a mature operating system at all. My line of work requires constant opening and closing of a quarter metric frickton of files, and that kind of stuff is simply impossible on iOS.

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I am not really addressing you main point (which I generally agree with) but I will quibble with this:

..In many ways, a Segway is simpler to ride than a bicycle, but it's a vastly more complex and trouble-prone machine. In attempting to make something simple, they added enormous complexity...

As someone who has put more than 6300 miles on my segway over the last 7 years, I definitely agree about the first part, but I am not sure I agree on the second.

I, and the other segway owners I know wouldn't call them more trouble prone than a bicycle. But then again it depends on what you mean.

If you mean in terms of reparability then your are right, most electronics aren't that repairable that were made in, say, say the last 30 years. But if your Bike throws a chain, you can fix it on the side of the road. If one of the gearboxes goes out.

If you mean in terms of problem rates, I am not sure if there is good data that compares the two.

In terms of maintenance, I would suggest the average segway owner and the average bicyclist have about the same, but the advanced bicyclist probably has a little more.

But the thing I find most interesting is that you are the far from the first to compare the segway to a bike, and that is IMHO a flawed analogy. To someone disabled (like myself) it is comparable to a mobility scooter.

For general purpose riding/commuting it is like an electric bike, or a motorcycle, etc etc.

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