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SuSE, openSUSE Suse co-founder and kernel team member Hubert Mantel has resigned from Novell, the server software company that acquired the German Linux company in 2004. Mantel announced the move on a Suse Linux mailing list Tuesday, and Novell confirmed the move Wednesday. "I just decided to leave Suse/Novell. This is not (any) longer the company I founded 13 years ago," Mantel said in the e-mail. "I have been the maintainer of the Suse kernel for more than a decade now. I'm very confident the Novell management will find a competent successor very quickly."
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Another Utah Software Company imploding
by shotsman on Thu 10th Nov 2005 10:49 UTC
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Just like SCO, there is IMHO something inevitable about the demise of Novell. Perhaps it is something in the Rocky Mountain air or water that makes them behave in this way.
I think Novell is cutting its head off to spite itself. The core Novell product line has not really evolved. Some bright spark though that "Hey this linux thingy looks cool. We need some of the action"
However the internal cultures of Novell & SUSE are very different. Novell don't really have much clue about what to do with SUSE. The Ximian purchase sort of made sense but SUSE well to me it didn't.
I think they should be brave, hold up their hands and sell off SUSE and concentrate on adapting their core business to meet the modern day challenges. If they don't then Novell (again IMHO) could follow SCO down the pan.

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